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The word bracelet is derived from the Latin word brachium, which simply means arm. The act of wearing bracelets can be traced back as far as the first caveman where they would wrap a vine around their wrist. Prehistoric man adorned his wrists with bones and shells to ward off evil spirits. Ancient Egyptian men donned thick gold bracelets to show their wealth and status. Bracelets have been worn throughout the ages by the highest of the male form.

In the modern-day, a resurgence in men’s wristwear is growing and companies such as AHOH is leading the way when it comes to setting current trends. Wearing bracelets in this era has nothing to do with evil spirits or wealth. Bracelets are worn as expressions of an individuals personality. They illustrate a style, as well as the vibe the individual, wants to put out to anyone who notices.  Bracelets, like watches, can be worn daily. Some are dressier and suit more formal occasions. The variety of materials to choose from includes stainless steel, gold, platinum, silver, leather, copper, brass and hemp. A bracelet is a versatile accessory that reflects your personality and brings out the colour in your outfits.

The three points listed below are the reasons why a man might consider strapping a shiny piece of metal, nylon or leather on his wrist.

Wearing a bracelet can be a great conversation starter. – Accessories are visual cues that represent your personality. By wearing and interesting accessories you will draw attention to yourself. Strangers may start approaching you more often when you wear a bracelet that looks like it has a cool story associated with its purchase. It could be the excuse the pretty woman in a cafe needs to strike up a conversation. It could break the lull in a slow conversation.

Instant Association – Cultures have often associated bracelets with wealth and status. An instant association that identifies your status in society. In many countries in the Eastern part of the world, wearing a bracelet can signify that you are affluent. Although we no longer have class divisions in the West, in other parts of the world – bracelets are an automatic qualifier in society. The modern youth often sport colourful silicone bracelets or dangling charms to support social causes and charities and show allegiance to a group that are pulled together for a greater cause.

You follow the latest fashion trends – Wearing a bracelet is becoming more popular amongst influencers out there that the greater population follow for inspiration. These influencers show that bracelets look really good and set the pathway to new fashion. You might be among the fashionable men who also reckon that bracelets look good on men and are fun to wear.

You just simply enjoy wearing Bracelets – Bracelets can be fun to wear and are a great way to add colour to your outfit. You may just not only enjoy wearing a bracelet but enjoy using accessories like bracelets to express your personality or mood that you are in. If wearing bracelets are fun, then you need no other reason.

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Guidelines For Men’s Wristwear

Here are our basic guidelines on how to wear a bracelet without looking awkward:

  • Bracelets should be worn like wristwatches — they stay against the skin, under any sleeves long enough to cover them.
  • Dont be afraid to stack up as many thin cord bracelets on the same wrist as you like, but don’t go for multiples of thick, metal bracelets.
  • Don’t mix more than one big metal band on the same wrist. Wristwatch’s look okay with thin cord bracelets, but not with a thick metal one.
  • One wrist bare always looks better than both wrists occupied. Matching bracelets on each wrist is definitely a no-no, unless you’re going for a bondage cuff kind of look.
  • Choosing a wrist to wear the bracelet – While there is no hard and fast rule about which wrist to wear a bracelet,  they are traditionally worn on your dominant hand’s wrist. It’s best to wear it on the wrist opposite your watch to avoid scratching your watch.
  • Aim for balance if wearing multiple bracelets – Counterbalance dark coloured suits or outfits with lighter coloured bracelets. Wearing multiple bracelets? Mix a lighter, brighter bracelet with a metal cuff. Wear a combination of beaded bracelets with leather or metal cuffs.
  • Your bracelet does not have to match your watch – However, make sure it doesn’t overpower it. It will depend on how chunck the watch is. If you are wearing a bug chunky watch, then it is acceptable to to pair it withA chunkier bigger bracelets. If you are wearing a more refined dial on a dress watch, the n pair it with a subtler accessory.
  • Ensure your bracelet suits the occasion – On the weekend, in a casual setting, wearing mutiple bracelets can be acceptible. If you’re heading to a business meeting, you might want to tone it down with just one subtle piece of wrist wear.

A bracelet aids in accentuating your personal style. Use it to accessorize your outfits – dressing up or down depending on the occasion. If you have never tried them before, metal or leather bracelets will set you apart as a cultured man who is not afraid to experiment with his personal style.

If you are remotely curious, I urge you to check out AHOH, their products are dope, priced appropriately and have proper manners. 

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