Stubbies shorts were all the rage in the 70’s and 80’s. But where did they go? Well they are actually still around but you do not see them as much. It’s time they made a full comeback. Besides being super comfortable, versatile and cool for the summer, they are also a lot less expensive than any other branded shorts on the market. Why not wear an Australian icon this summer. Stubbies and singlets are a perfect uniform for work and the pub and great for the Australian summer.


Stubbies were first made by Edward Fletcher and Co, which recognised room in the men’s market for a ‘stylish, low cost, all-purpose short’.

They were launched in July 1972 with a retail price of $1.99 and could have been called Middies, Slinkies, Runnies and Donkeys until a salesman came up with Stubbies, named after the beer bottle. 

By the end of 1972 more than 750,000 pairs of Stubbies had been sold across Australia, making them Australia’s favourite shorts.

By 1980 Stubbies shorts, known as ‘the little shorts for the big jobs’, were the best-selling men’s shorts in the country, selling more than 4.5 million pairs each year.

Stubbies’ are such a part of Australian culture they are referred to in the Macquarie Dictionary as ‘short shorts of tough material for informal wear’. 

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