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The world is in the middle of the biggest pandemics in over 100 years and life as we know it has changed for everyone. With all the tragic things that are happening in the world as a result of the coronavirus, now might seem like an unusual time to talk about being positive. Yet staying positive is a core ingredient in the recipe for successful coping in a crisis. The changes we see in the community and the way we have been forced to live our lives can be seen in ways that could prove to be for the better for everyone. In this article, we will explore the many positives that have and will come from this global crisis.

More people working from home

More people will now be forced to work from home to help contain the spread of the virus. In most workplaces, the I.T department has worked extremely hard to set up its systems to allow for convenient access no matter where you are. Through cloud technologies and VPNs, accessing company information from home is made possible and it is actually more simple than most employees think. Now that users are forced to work from home and are now educated on techniques on how to effectively work from home, once this pandemic has passed more users will feel more comfortable working from home without loss of productivity. This will allow those users that were typically worried about the difficulties married with working from home, now feel more comfortable and enjoy the benefits of spending more time with the family.

Less air pollution

With more users forced to work from home, there will be less traffic on the road resulting in less air pollution created by vehicles. Many industries that are considered the largest contributors to carbon emissions are some of those that are considered non-essential and have closed for an extended period of time. In certain parts of the world air pollution levels have dropped by a staggering 30 per cent.

A more active life

On my way to work the other morning, I noticed a considerable increase in the volume of people that were walking and riding their bikes to work. People are opting for this alternate way to travel to work then take public transport where they are exposed to a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus by being in close proximity to others. It has taken a global pandemic to motivate people to use exercise as a form of transport to and from work. Once this pandemic is over, I hope that this healthier routine will continue.

Better personal hygiene

It shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to teach people proper personal hygiene but unfortunately, it has. One thing that this has taught people is to wash their hands thoroughly and more often. People are being educated on correct procedures on how to wash hands. Hand sanitisers are popping up everywhere where they should have been even before this pandemic. The more these hand sanitisers are used, the less that viruses are moved between surfaces and transmitted

Quality family time

I sit here and write this article as we begin the Easter weekend here in Australia. Even though Australia has not been affected by the coronavirus as severely as other countries, to help minimize the spread of the virus there is a lockdown over the long weekend with all families advised staying at their home of residence with all unnecessary travel banned. This will see immediate families spending more quality time together at home outside of their usual activities. By being locked up with one another in local quarantine, we might get to know our family members closer and be more present to the people around us.

Completion of home maintenance tasks and choirs

Work and family life can often result in the routine maintenance tasks around your house becoming neglected. Clearing the garden, oiling the deck, washing the cars, fixing leaking taps and cleaning out the garage to name a few examples. With many husbands now spending more time at home, these tasks are now being tackled.

Happy wives club

With the house looking tip-top and the kids occupied by their fathers, the wives and mothers can finally have some well-earned downtime.

Help avoid or prepare for future pandemics

The lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic will help avoid further pandemics in the future and help prepare us for the event if it was ever to occur again. We will be more realistic about the dangers of viruses crossing the barriers between species. We will have the processes in place and the equipment necessary to help if we were to face the same pandemic again in the future.

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