As a mountain biker, you will know that it is a dangerous sport and there is a possibility that an incident will happen either to yourself or to someone you are riding with. At a high speed, with just one small lapse in concentration or mistake, you could end up coming off your bike and suffering some serious injury. When an accident does occur involving a casualty, the ideal course of action is to get the injured party medical attention as soon as possible. Although due to the nature of the sport, it can take emergency services some time to get up the mountain and to the site. So how can we work together to protect that person from other bikes that are screaming down the mountain on the same track?

If you’re a skier, you are often faced with the same situation and in the same position, chances are you may have seen crossed skis (or poles) on the piste when someone has gone down or had an accident and is getting assistance. When it comes to mountain biking, if you’re a rider, and your friend has gone down on the trail in a vulnerable spot, you can do something similar to warn other riders of the accident. The best practice is to walk back up the track until you find a clearly visible location to place your bikes upside down to warn other riders.

So next time you are riding and you come across upside down bikes on the trail, do the right thing and slow down and offer help if needed. If you have been in an incident, this knowledge of what to do will protect yourself and other riders from further harm. Happy riding!

See an upturned bike across the trail? Put the brakes on and be prepared to stop and help if you can.

Crossed skis = Red Triangle = Upturned bike = CAUTION, HAZARD.

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